Patterns From Nature is a photographic project from Colin M. Drysdale, a multi-award winning author of post-apocalyptic survival and zombie fiction. Here’s what he has to say about it:

“I’ve always loved patterns, and ut’s surprising how many there are hidden all around us if only we look close enough.

“All the photos posted on this blog have been taken as I move around my native Glasgow (and occasionally other places I visit). I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone to quickly capture patterns I see. Most of the pictures have had some post-capture manipulation, but only using the basic image manipulation software that comes with the phone. This means that the most that’s been done to them has been a bit of cropping, some tweaking of the brightness, contrast, saturation, and occasionally the hue.

“I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I do.”

All images on this site are copyright of Colin M. Drysdale, and if you’d like to use them for any purpose, this can be arranged through Licensing.Pixels.com by clicking here. These images are also available to purchase as wall art, or printed on a variety of different products from our Pixels.com gallery.



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